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Japanese Tea Tasting

Hands-on Japanese green tea tasting class with a certified green tea expert:

Japanese green tea is known as a healthy drink and is very popular worldwide. Each tea has its own steeping time and temperature – making them correctly determines the flavor.

This tea class will give you a chance to learn how to make Japanese green tea with authentic traditional Japanese teaware. You will taste 4 different Japanese green teas. If you are interested in drinking green tea and you want to make nice a cup of tea for yourself, or you just love tea and are interested in Japanese culture, book for this tea session and enjoy a relaxing afternoon teatime with us. It will be fun to learn about Japanese tea culture with many useful tips.

Please see the details below:


Michiko Ono; a Japanese Tea Association certified Japanese green tea instructor / a Canadian Tea Association certified Tea Sommelier / a Japan Tea Good Will Ambassador in Canada  


Taste 4 Japanese green teas and learn proper tea preparation for each kind of green tea (Sencha / Gyokuro / Matcha / Houjicha) and you will also practice how to make these teas with traditional Japanese teaware. (provided by Matsukaze Tea).


For a private session at a certain location, we charge $15 for travel fee. We will bring all teaware and tea for the tasting session to your location.


Approximately it takes 1.5 hrs.


$35 (+GST) per person

Sign-up / Booking: 

A group of 6 people per one session. Please send an email to matsukaze@shaw.ca to book our tea tasting class.

If you have further questions about the tea events, feel free to contact us by email (matsukaze@shaw.ca) or call at 403-277-4533.




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