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Japanese Black tea with Ginger Powder - Organic (Loose - 50g)

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A unique flavored organic black tea produced in Kagoshima City, Kagoshima. The tea is blended with local organic ginger powder. It has a great spicy kick from the organic ginger which blends well with the mild-sweetness and rich flavor of black tea. Intake extra nutrients from the ginger powder by drinking this tea.


Cultivar: Benifuki, Asatsuyu, Yabukita, Yutakamidori, Kuritawase, CA278 (blend)

Region: Shimodozono, Kagoshima Prefecture

50 gram

To make

Tea: 4 gm or 2 tsp

Water: 300-350 mL at 10°C 

Steep: 1.5 min.

To make cold brewed tea:

Tea: 15-20 gm or  4 tbsp

Water: 1000 mL (4 cups) at room temperature 

Steep: 2-3 hrs. to over night in the fridge 

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