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Japanese Pu-erh Tea (Loose - 30 g)

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This unique, rare dark tea is fermented with koji-kin (spores of the asperillus oryzae mold) that is used in the marking of sake, miso and soy sauce. The tea leaves are grown in full sunlight promoting higher levels of antioxidants and producing a mild astringency. It is a beautiful reddish brown color and has a subtle, smooth, earthy sweet and sour taste with a hint of a caremel. Production is limited due to the extreme sanitary conditions requred to prodtect the koji-kin.

Cultivar: Bebifuki

Region: Sanshu-en, Kagoshima Prefecture

30 grams

  • Tea: 1.5 gm or 1 tsp
  • Water: 300 mL at 95-100°C
  • Steep: 2.5 - 3 min.
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