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Kawane Premium Sencha – Harumidori (Loose – 50 g)

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50 g / bag – This hand-picked sencha tea is made from a single origin unique cultivar, ‘Harumidori’. It is grown in high altitude mountains at 600 m by the Tsuchiya tea farm. They only produce around 10 kg per year. It has a sweet, refreshing floral aroma with a clean umami flavour, and has an elegant fruity sweetness – no bitterness. Unlike regular sencha tea. It is steeped at a low temperature of 45-50 °C like gyokuro.


Cultivar: Harumidori

Region: Tsuchiya Nouen, Shizuoka Prefecture

50 gram

To make

Tea: 10 gm or 2 tbsp

Water: 300 mL at 45-50 °C 

Steep: 1.5 min.

To make cold brewed tea:

Tea: 20 gm or 4 tbsp

Water: 1000 mL (4 cups) at room temperature 

Steep: 2-3 hrs. to over night in the fridge 



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