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Teapot Tokoname Tobimaru-Kaiyu (Grayish brown - 450 mL)

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Traditional side-handled Japanese teapot, Kyusu, from Tokoname, Aichi. This kyusu has a unique design and functionality. The spout and body are all in one and has a built-in stainless steel mesh strainer inside.The bottom of teapot tilts to drain water away from the tea leaves. This makes a second or third steeping more flavorful. A durable and practical Japanese teapot.

  • Capacity: 450 mL
  • Unglazed Ceramic / built-in stainless steel strainer
  • L180xW140xH105 mm
  • No dishwasher
  • Made in Japan: Tokoname-ware, Aichi Prefecture
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