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Nanbu Tetsubin - Cast Iron Kettle (Hiramaru Itome style - Black / 1.2 L)

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Nanbu Tetsubin cast iron kettles for boiling water from Oitomi in Oshu city, Iwate. Oitomi was established in 1848 and produces tetsubin completely from design to finish. For over 170 years, their craftsmanship, materials, and timeless traditional style combine with innovative modern design and functionality. In 1970, the Japanese Crown Prince, Akihito, and Crown Princess, Michiko, visited the Oitomi tetsubin foundry as one of Iwate’s traditional craft centers.

MATSU KAZE TEA visited Oitomi in 2017 and we are the official importer of their nanbu testubin in Canada. We select tetsubin with classic timeless designs and a variety of colors for our customers. All tetsubin kettles are designed to work with inductive heating from modern electrical elements. Daily use provides iron intake along with superior tasting water for making tea and for other uses.

Itome style is a simple "straight line" pattern.

Product information

  • Capacity: 1.2 L
  • Allows Induction Heating – safe on electrical element
  • Oxidation film coating inside
  • No enamel glazed inside
  • No dishwasher
  • No microwave
  • Made of cast iron
  • Hand-made
  • Made in Iwate, Japan
  • Kettle: D190 x H80 mm (w/ handle: 180 mm)
  • Box: L200 x W200 x H100 mm
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