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About Us

What does Matsu Kaze mean?

Matsu Kaze (matsōō käzā) means “pine breeze” and is the sound that traditional Japanese tea kettles make during the tea ceremony. This evokes a simple pleasure of enjoying tea and contemplating nature. This is the pleasure of the Japanese tea experience that we want to share with you. It’s about flavour, culture, chemistry, creativity, health and tradition (and sharing a great cup of tea with friends!).

About Michiko Ono


Michiko Ono is our tea expert and guide. She is certified by the Japanese Green Tea Association as a Japanese Green Tea (Nihon-cha) Instructor. She’s also certified as a Tea Sommelier by the Tea Association of Canada.

Michiko works with the Japanese Tea Association experts and tea farmers to select the finest teas and ensure that you will have a quality experience enjoying them. She is also studying the tea ceremony (Omote-senke).

Michiko and her husband and partner, Ian Simpson, are proud to share the Japanese green tea experience with you. (Photo by Jodi O Calgary Photographer


Certified Nihon-cha Instructor


About Matsu Kaze Tea

About Michiko Ono

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