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About Us

What does Matsu Kaze mean?

Matsu Kaze (matsōō käzā) means “pine breeze” and is the sound that traditional Japanese tea kettles make during the tea ceremony. This evokes a simple pleasure of enjoying tea, contemplating nature and sharing with guests. This is the pleasure of the Japanese tea experience that we want to share with you. It’s about flavour, culture, chemistry, creativity, health, tradition and sharing a great cup of tea with friends!

Our Story

Matsu Kaze has been in business since 2011. We started this company because we want to share our experience of Japan and Japanese tea culture with our customers. Our approach is to adapt the farm to table concept to international importing as we work directly with our suppliers as well as our customers. Our tea and teaware suppliers want to know what you as their ultimate customer think of their products and it is important to them that you understand their passion and life’s work. Our customers are usually interested in Japan and Japanese tea culture and want to know more about the teas and teaware they are purchasing and those who cultivate and process or create these wonderful products. For us building these relationships, connecting these communities and sharing an interest in and passion for these products has become a joyous effort.

There are always new people to meet and new products to discover. We travel to Japan frequently to visit with family, meet with our suppliers, search out new products and explore Japan and Japanese tea culture. The traditional Japanese tea ceremony is still very much alive and is being “discovered” by many people throughout the world, but modern Japanese tea culture continues to evolve as well. Tea farmers are experimenting with new methods and teas as well as perfecting old ones. Tea cafes are exploring new approaches to making and serving Japanese teas. Restaurants and bars are experimenting with recipes and cocktails. Traditional artisans continue crafts that their families have mastered over generations and new artists strive to create contemporary teaware works and utensils. It is fascinating to see how this is evolving into an international culture.

About Michiko Ono


Michiko Ono is our president, co-owner, tea expert and guide to all things Japanese tea. Michiko is certified by the Japanese Green Tea Association as a Nihon-cha (Japanese Tea) Instructor. She’s also certified as a Tea Sommelier by the Tea Association of Canada. She is a practitioner and student of the Omote-senke style of the Japanese tea ceremony.

Michiko consults with the Japanese Tea Association experts and tea farmers to select the finest teas and ensure that you will have a quality experience enjoying them.

Michiko is also an avid collector of Japanese teaware, especially antique pieces related to the Japanese tea ceremony and tearooms. She searches out artisans and manufacturers to learn more about their art and craft and to find wonderful products to enhance your enjoyment of our great teas.

Michiko and her husband and partner, Ian Simpson, are proud to share the Japanese green tea experience with you. (Photo by Jodi O Calgary Photographer


Certified Nihon-cha Instructor



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