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    Authentic Fine Japanese Green Tea

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    Chikumeido Chasen (Bamboo Tea Whisk)

    This special “Chasen” for matcha tea is made by Mr. Sabun Kubo the descendent of 24 generations of “Chasen” artisans, designated by the Japanese government in 1987.

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    Premium Matcha

    High grade, handpicked leaves are used for this fine matcha, a specialty of the Yame region. It meets the high standards of Japanese tea ceremony masters.

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    Green Tea Cake with Cooking Matcha

    Make this green tea cake with Cooking Matcha ($42.00 / 100 g)

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    Takeo Tea Farm

    The Takeo family has been growing green tea for four generations in Mie Prefecture, a rural area and surrounded by the Suzuka mountains. The Takeo farm has been certified as organic in Japan for over twenty years and produces excellent teas with great flavor. It is a family business and they grow, harvest, process and package the tea.

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