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Tea Packaging


Sealed Bag / Can Only Option

In November 2021, we announced our new packaging designed by award-winning designer Atsushi Ishiguro. While we love the design and functionality of the sealed bags combined with our re-usable zip-lock packages, we’re offering an option on our website to have your teas shipped in just the sealed bags, or cans for matcha, that come from our suppliers.
Our teas are packed in sealed bags or cans by our suppliers and shipped to us. We then double-pack them in our re-usable packaging, or boxes for matcha cans, along with steeping instructions and more information about the tea and tea farmers. This is then all shipped to you. Our re-usable packaging is designed to keep your tea fresh once you open the sealed bag or protect matcha cans during shipment. They're also a great piece of design work! You can collect one for each of your teas and then re-use them and keep the information for reference. They’re also great when giving our teas as a gift.
This approach to packaging also means that we can provide you with the option to have your teas shipped in only the sealed bags or cans when you choose – saving some money and reducing waste. Your tea is still not opened or re-packed from Japan to your door. With either option, your tea is kept safe and fresh. We still ship all our teas by air from Japan!
We're happy to announce that this option is now available for our matcha packaging!
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