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Hoshino Seicha-en – Yame Region

Altitude: 400-500 m   Prefecture: Fukuoka

Located in the world famous Yame tea region in Fukuoka prefecture, Hoshino Seicha-en is a locally owned and operated company and farm that works with almost two hundred other local tea farms to grow and process award winning green teas. In particular, they consistently win top honors in Japan for their wonderful gyokuro teas. The Yame region’s tea culture dates back to the thirteenth century.

Hoshino Village is located between the Minou mountains and Mount Kumado and has a perfect climate for tea growing. Because of the altitude, and frequent fog the region has the right daytime and nighttime temperature differences, good shade, high quality soil and pure mountain water for producing very high quality tea. Tea grows slowly under these conditions, which increases the aroma and flavor. Yame tea is famous for a complex flavor that has sweetness and depth and displays a characteristic savory or “umami” quality.

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