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Other Uses for Green Tea

As a Deodorizer

Green tea leaves can make a good deodorizer and can be used in refrigerators, shoes and wardrobes. First dry the leaves and wrap them in a gauze bag. The leaves can be periodically dry roasted in a frying pan to revive their deodourizing function, but be careful not to burn them. Odours on cooking tools, like cutting boards and cooking pots, can be removed by wiping them with damp, used leaves. Used green tea leaves can also be burned as incense.

As a Fingerbowl

After handling fish, rub your hands with used tea leaves to remove the smell. After eating crab or prawns, rinse your hands in a bowl of green tea. Similarly, green tea will remove the grease from your hands after handling meat.

As a Fertilizer

Used green tea leaves can be used as fertilizer. Squeeze the water out and bury them next to plant roots.

As an Antiseptic

Tannin acts as a disinfectant and antiseptic for treating cuts, rinsing after tooth extraction, treating athlete’s foot and treating hemorrhoids.

For Treating Diaper Rash and Bedsores

After first serving, pour more hot water over the leaves and then pour this into another container to cool to body temperature. Dip a piece of soft gauze into the tea, squeeze it lightly and wipe affected areas.

As Bath Salts

Wrap used tea leaves in gauze and place this in a bath. It will emit a rich aroma and is said to improve the complexion. Be aware that tea will stain towels.

For Morning Sickness

Morning sickness can be relieved by nibbling on steeped green tea leaves, especially those, like quality sencha, that have high vitamin C content.

For Making Dye

You can make a pale green dye by adding powdered green tea to water and boiling it to reduce the liquid.

As an Anti-rust Agent

Tannin makes an anti-rust coating on the surface of steel. Wiping a steel object, such as a knife, with used tea leaves can prevent the item from rusting.

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