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Matcha Utensil Set - Ochagokoro

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Created by Chikumeido Sabun, shokunin chasen craftsman, this beautiful, functional matcha set has everything you need to enjoy a traditional matcha experience whether you’re enjoying the tea ceremony or just relaxing at home. Smaller sized utensils, including bamboo chasen and chashaku, are bundled in a hand-made kinchaku bag made of hemp. This portable ‘Nodate’ style allows you to take the beauty of traditional Japanese tea culture to the office or outdoors. A great gift idea!


  • Kinchaku (L17 x W13.5 X H12 cm): Bag for matcha utensils, Made of handwoven hemp

  • Natsume (D5.5 x H 5.5 cm): Plastic matcha container with an inner lid
  • Chashaku (L12 x W1 cm): Bamboo scoop for matcha powder

  • Candle holder (D5.5 x H 1 cm)

  • Chasen (D4.5 x H 10): Bamboo whisk to mix matcha tea, Chemical-free

  • Chasenzutsu (D4.5 x H11 cm): Bamboo case to store the chasen (bamboo whisk)

  • Chakin (L12 x W9 cm): Tea cloth, Made of handwoven hemp

  • Kensui (D11.5 x H5.5 cm): Rinse water receptacle, Wood

  • Matcha bowl (D9.5 x H6.5 cm): Nezumi-shino ware, Gifu Prefecture

  • Instructions

  • Box (L20.5 x W15.5 x H13.5 cm)
  • No dishwasher

  • Made in Japan

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