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Introduction: Trip to Japan – The World Green Tea Festival in Shizuoka Prefecture in May

During my visit to Japan this year I was lucky to be able to attend the World Green Tea Festival in Shizuoka Prefecture – an amazing tea festival with a lot of interesting tea events. I participated in pretty much everything during the festival. We want to share our photos taken there and our neat experiences with Japanese green tea! We will post more photos, so please visit us again and enjoy photos about our trip and teas. Feel free to comment and ask questions – we love to hear from you!

First, have a look at the green tea fields this year in Makinohara.

The tea festival was held in Makinohara Plateau. The altitude is approximately 200m or so with a nice mountain view. The local industry is, of course, the production of green tea – the largest tea plateau in Japan!

Look at this tea field! It’s a huge area and you are surrounded by all green tea. I loved the smell – it was so fresh.

The tea tree fields are arranged in straight and manicured rows – very Japanese. I wish I could jump into the tea bush.

The month of May is the busiest season for tea farmers – they were working hard picking the first flush tea by the machine.

Tea trees are quite short.

Another kind of machine to pick the tea.

Beautifully organized and managed tea field.

A different harvesting machine makes a different shape in the tea tree – Squared or rounded – reminds me of a little Bonsai tree. I love it, so cute!

Interesting that tea and orange trees were sharing the field – looks good to me!

Check out the Chinese character for “tea” carved into the side of the hill overlooking the festival site!

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