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Part 3: Trip to Japan – Neat Experiences at the World Green Tea Festival

Posted on October 07, 2014 by Michiko Ono

I really wanted to make my own Matcha tea from scratch. Here are photos of my first Matcha experience!

Let’s make Matcha tea from Tencha with a traditional stone mill! Kids can do it, so I can do it, too!!

Put some Tencha tea in the center of the top stone mill, and slowly and consistently move the handle…

Read the instructions! It says to… “Grind the stone mill slowly and gently with recommended speed – 4 sec. per one turn. If you turn it too fast, the Matcha powder will spread all over and the speed might damaged the stone mill”.

Seriously, it took more than 30 min. to see some Matcha powder coming out from the bottom – what hard work! My arm was sore…

When you are finished grinding Matcha, you can take it home – everyone seemed to enjoy this event!

This is my Matcha tea.

Bright green colour with a nice flavour!

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