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Japanese Teapot “Kyusu”

Posted on October 12, 2014 by Michiko Ono


I brew green tea with a “Kyusu”, a Japanese traditional teapot. Usually, a Kyusu is a side-handled teapot and it is important to have a good balance in order to pour tea into a cup. When you hold a well-made Kyusu, you can feel it is designed to be a good balanced product. You can check the balance of a Kyusu by setting it up on its handle, as in the photo below. If it stands, the Kyusu is well-balanced. If you are interested in experiencing Kyusu, our tea tasting events use Kyusu and participants have a chance to learn how to make a green tea with it.

Most Kyusu come with a lid that has one small hole. When you brew green tea with a Kyusu, the small hole in the lid should be facing and line up with the spout, as in the photo above. This allows the tea to pour in a smooth, consistent stream and circulates air into the teapot thus helping to open the tealeaves.




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