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“Ko-o-ri dashi” Green Tea – Ice Brewed Green Tea

Posted on October 12, 2014 by Michiko Ono

“Ko-o-ri dashi” green tea – ice brewed green tea – is a unique way to brew Japanese green tea. Especially with Gyokuro and high end Sencha, the result is a surprising rich, sweet flavour. It’s so simple – you just put some green tea on the plate / container and place ice over the green tea leaves. As the ice melts at room temperature, the green tea is brewed drop by drop. It takes 4 - 8 hours to make the “Ko-o-ri dashi” green tea – super slow steeping - but, once you set up the “Ko-o-ri dashi” green tea, you don’t have to do anything – just leave it and let it steep. Experience a unique flavor with ice-brewed Japanese green tea! Plus, you can enjoy the second steep with hot water – it has still a lot of flavor left in the tealeaves.

These photos are Gyokuro tea that I brewed with ice cube by using the HARIO ice brew teapot. The HARIO ice brew teapot is for “Ko-o-ri dashi” tea – look at the unique and stylish design to make it even easier for you – it looks like a coffee dripper. I love “Ko-o-ri dashi” Gyokuro tea!

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