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Nov 22, 2020

Tea + Shochu

Infusing different Japanese teas with shochu from Aizu, Fukushima. Nice colours - looking forward to taste them! T...

Oct 12, 2014

Teapot for Gyokuro - "Hohin"

This teapot for Gyokuro is called “Hohin”. It has no handle and is great for Gyokuro / high-end Sencha. These gre...

Oct 12, 2014

“Ko-o-ri dashi” Green Tea – Ice Brewed Green Tea

“Ko-o-ri dashi” green tea – ice brewed green tea – is a unique way to brew Japanese green tea. Especially with Gy...

Oct 12, 2014

"Gyokuro" Smoothie!

     A gorgeous day in October - sunny and hot! My special green tea "Gyokuro" smoothie – so refreshing and delicio...
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